Auxiliary & Peripheric Machines

Intelidura always supplies high quality auxiliary and peripheric equipment because we believe, all parts are part of the guarantee of the final packing quality, and must comply with food grade regulations. We don’t reduce our cost in any parts even a screw, they are as important as the main machines. We are offering platforms, Z elevators, Screw Elevators, Vacuum Transporters, Rotary tables, Codifiers etc. together with our packing machines
  • Platform
  • Rotary Table
  • Screw Eelvator
  • Z Elevator
  • Platform
  • Z Elevator
  • Rotate Table
  • Codifier

Intelidura offers you a complete Stainless Steel 304 Platform, with broad stairs, and safety hand rail, and gentle inclination,

Stainless Steel 304 plate with anti slippery design in stairs and floor

Reinforcing triangle supports are provided for heavy weighing & dosing Machines

Intelidura Z type elevators are made in stainless steel 304, plastic trays are made in food grade material. the feeding speed, and hoist speed are adjustable to adapt to the weighing device. Sensor signal inlet to be in communication with the main machine.

Mechanically all the dimensions can be customized according to the space premises of customers site.

Intelidura Rotate Tables are made in thicker stainless-steel plate, at the diameter of 1.2metros and above, the rotate speed is adjustable, height adjustable as well.

All Intelidura packing machines are designed to be compatible with different types of codifiers, all our machines leave the factory with the codifiers already installed and programmed upon customers’ requirement. Currently we are working with:

l Intermittent Mechanical Heat Stamping Codifiers

l Intermittent Heat Transferring Codifiers

l Continuous Heat Transferring Codifiers

l Continuous Inject Ink Codifiers

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